Ride Gallery - 04/28/04

Pics I took on a bike ride through downtown Milwaukee.

End of the Breakwater City from the Breakwater 1
City from the Breakwater 2 City from the Breakwater 3
Breaking Surf 1 Breaking Surf 2
Milwaukee Art Museum. What can I say, I like taking pics of this building. A closer view of MAM.
Museum Bridge Railings 1 Museum Bridge Railings 2
Part of Milwaukee Harbor from the lake-bluffs. (1) Part of Milwaukee Harbor from the lake-bluffs. (2)
Three shades of water - brown, green, and turquoise. This ship was out in the harbor all afternoon.
The end of the breakwater is rather heavily-decorated. Seagull and clouds. I'll bet you knew this was coming. :
Splash! The somewhat drunken angle is due to me jumping back from the edge so as to not be knocked in. Marble rails in the library.
Library Dome 1 Library Dome 2

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