Ride Gallery - 05/12/04

Pics I took on a bike ride through downtown Milwaukee. I would have liked to get more pics of the storm, but unfortunately I had to protect my camera from the inclement weather. Luckily the storm came in from the southwest at a very steep angle, so I was able to get some shots of the front edge of it out over the water before it hit me.

Statue in a tulip garden Part of Milwaukee's skyline, seen from the lakefront
Kitesurfing (1) - looks like fun! Kitesurfing (2)
Kitesurfing (3) I love that deep blue-green color.
One of my favorite houses in the city - it's right on the bluffs above the lakeshore. North Point water tower
Storm rolling in, taken from the bluffs. Another storm shot from the bluffs
Approaching storm from water-level. Another of the soon-to-hit storm.
Don't tell me you didn't see one of these coming. Graffiti with a social conscience? A bit too strange for me.

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