Summer 2003

All photos taken in the western US during June-July of 2003.

Glacier and Yellowstone | Bannack Ghost Town + Misc | 2003

Bannack Ghost Town, Montana:
Desert Gravestone 1 Desert Gravestone 2
Jail Houses Cactus
Turbine Lone Rock
Fallen Wood Grass and Barbed-wire
Upstairs Hallway, Hotel Meade Tangled Fence

Various Locations:
Buffalo Bill Dam 1 - Cody, Wyoming Buffalo Bill Dam 2 - Cody, Wyoming
Buffalo Bill Dam 3 - Cody, Wyoming Yellowstone Ghost Sky - Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Wyoming
Yellowstone Storm (color) Yellowstone Storm (panoramic B&W)
Sunlight - Bozeman, Montana Still Lake - Trout Creek, Montana
Rain Coming (color) - Blue Spruce Lodge, Trout Creek Montana Rain Coming (panoramic B&W)
Lone Pine - Trout Creek, Montana Dusk - Trout Creek, Montana
Wispy Sunset 1 - Trout Creek, Montana Wispy Sunset 2 - Trout Creek, Montana
Wispy Sunset 3 - Trout Creek, Montana Sunset Machine - Trout Creek, Montana
Mountain Stream - Elkhorn Hotsprings, Montana Mossy Tree - Elkhorn Hotsprings, Montana
Lodgepole Pines - Elkhorn Hotsprings, Montana Big Sky Chapel Revisited - Big Sky, Montana
Moo! - Somewhere in Montana Green Mountain - Somewhere in Montana
Room with a Moose - Blue Spruce Lodge, Trout Creek, Montana One Whole Chicken-in-a-can! - Trout Creek, Montana
El Cazador (inside joke, sorta) - Missoula, Montana

All Contents Copyright 2004, Robert A. Weingart (undertow)